Choosing a new vehicle is much easier when you know how it stacks up against similar models. Once you've settled on an SUV over a sedan or other vehicle types, the next step is finding out which one is best suited to your needs. Here at Fitzgerald Subaru in Rockville, we want to examine how the Subaru Outback can fare when compared with other similar vehicles currently out there. We believe that the Outback shines when you compare it fairly since it has some of the most well-rounded specs on the market.

Outback Vs. Honda CR-V

When comparing these two vehicles, it's hard not to get focused purely on design. While both these vehicles feature innovative designs with novel exteriors, the Outback has more streamlined features and a clearer personality.

The Outback offers more passenger room than the CR-V, which feels a bit more cramped when you're in the backseat. Overall, the Outback's interior has more to offer drivers around Washington DC in terms of tech and passenger comfort, with better seats and more lighting overall.

The Outback also offers standard all-wheel drive, which gives it a definitive edge in drivability and handling around Silver Spring. Plus, the SUV from Subaru also has slightly better fuel efficiency on the highway, while their city stats are the same.

Outback Vs. Ford Escape

When comparing the Outback with Ford's Escape, the two are quite similar. Both offer similar performance specs with their engine options, so power isn't of concern when looking at both these vehicles.

The Outback begins to take an edge in this matchup when we compare turning radius and handling. The Outback's drivability becomes much smoother when you test it over a variety of terrains around North Bethesda and Gaithersburg, while the Escape starts to lack in this department.

The Outback also offers similar technological offerings to the Escape, so it's up to you in terms of preference. Here, we prefer Subaru's technology and entertainment systems to Ford's, but that's clearly subjective.

Comparing vehicles is best done in person, so we recommend you get a feel for the Outback before making any final decisions.

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