Subaru owners may appreciate how their Subaru Impreza or Subaru Outback performs, and many Silver Spring drivers realize that performance often relies on proper maintenance. At Fitzgerald Subaru, we offer service specials to owners interested in making sure they are up-to-date with all routine maintenance.

Subaru Service Specials

Offers and deals on recommended service could prompt Subaru drivers to get necessary work done on time. Others might run some miles or weeks past the service point recommended in the owner's manual, and a special deal may lead them to make an appointment. Ultimately, saving money and getting the service done have benefits. Check out these rotating deals before they're gone!

Oil and Filter Changes

Having a Subaru vehicle's oil and filter changed at the proper time has many upsides. Fresh motor oil keeps an engine lubricated and contributes to fuel efficiency. Choosing the appropriate viscosity level based on mileage and the season could help, too. Our service center will utilize the recommended grade of oil for your Subaru model.

Tire and Wheel Care

Driving adds wear and tear to the tire treads. Age and environmental factors also impact a tire's condition. Rotating and inspecting the tires may extend their life while determining whether they require repairs or replacement.

Wheel alignments help prevent tire wear while helping with steering and other performance issues. One of our technicians can determine whether tires require alignments.

Brake Examinations

Brakes also degrade from use, and worn brakes might present dangers on North Bethesda roads. Requesting a thorough brake inspection that examines the various parts, lines, and hoses could reveal whether the system requires any repairs.

Battery Checks

Batteries checks reveal how much life a battery has left. The check also affords a chance to clean the tray and terminal.

Additional Subaru Services

Subaru drivers are welcome to request other services at our Rockville dealership. Fluid and coolant checks may reveal whether the vehicle needs new fluid. Now might be the time to replace windshield wipers and certain belts.

Schedule an appointment online from your Gaithersburg house or call us to set up an appointment for service. Fitzgerald Subaru is proud to serve Washington, DC, and the surrounding areas. We hope to see you soon.

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